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Presence 2 Stanford CS193P Strategy

CONCEPTUALLY speaking, we must read the dictionary objects, therefore getting the users name and use it to:
1. populate our Person Object
2. get the count value to set the number of Rows in Section
3. set the cell values to the names of these guys.

So far Ive:

1. gotten the filepath
2. check if exists and create array for count
3. initwithdictionary with object@index:count
4. create Person Class Instance alloc/init
5. set my Persons displayName, userName & imageURL to the data from the dictionary on twitter via fetchusername.
6. now i have a person object with 3 usernames. i need the count to set the number of rowsinsection. i tried using my array for the plist file count defined above but i get an error saying its undeclared in that function because i declared it in the viewDidLoad. so do i need to declare it again? – i had to dump the person object into an array and then get it back out again.

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