I’ve gotten to Presence 4, I believe Lecture 11. I got some confidence on iPhone programming. I started developing a few iPhone apps and am about to upload my first one to the store. I started back in august and maybe dedicated 1 hr a day for about 4.5 months. I haven’t gotten around to audio or video.

I have found the coding protocols in cocoa/objC to be lengthy (declaration, property, synthesize…) but it’s overshadowed by the beauty of the iPhone UI kit. I believe Xcode could be further refined to take care of reptitive coding (declaration, property, synthesize…) and even common tasks like mem managment and even threading; what I mean is, when u declare an ivar, it should automatically create the property and optionally the synthesize lines as well as the dealloc lines. It should also have GUI popups for threading method creation and typical data management like nsdata and uiimage processing, nsstring and nsurl etc….

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