Here are the resources you will need to fix your libraries.a which are not compiling for armv7s, into working compiling libraries:

  1. The post on how to do it:
  2. An article on how to modify your $PATH on your mac:
  3. Another article on how to edit your .profile hidden file:

And this is the lowdown:

  • You will basically have to create the .sh file & .c file mentioned in Matt’s post.  He then explains how to compile the .c and chmod the .sh.
  • Then you must add these files to your path by either creating a .profile or adding this line to your existing .profile:
  • PATH=$PATH:$HOME/afolderwhereyouplacedyourabovefiles # Add to PATH for scripting
  • And finally navigate to your library.a file where you will run the last command mentioned in Matt’s article.

The main concept to understand here is that after creating the 2 special files Matt came up with and compiling/chmodding respectively, you must add those command files to your system’s “library of system-wide commands” in order to be able to use the last command to actually modify your library.

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