I’ve read many a posts…
on many a forums…
suggesting many a solutions…

none have worked for me:

press, hold and circle your finger around it a few times
blow compressed air on the button and the pin connector
shutdown this or that other applications…or all of them
press power button til slide to shutdown, then press and hold the home button to reset it
connect the cable and gently press the cable connector upwards…and downwards…

all to no avail. and i dont have the option to return it cause its australian so a US store wont take it.

I have recently noticed that when it is docked into my powermat sleeve, the home button works wonderfully.

Could it be a power issue? or that it needs to have something lodged into the connector to work properly? or that it has to be fully charged to work better?

i dunno, but id like to know if anyone else has a powermat and a faulty iphone button?

The other option is to get it fixed at various places online that will charge you $69 or $59 to replace the button.

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