My Cover Letter for a Job Application at Apple: You will be missed Steve

I believe the best Cover Letter I can write is based on my love for Apple.  I can’t tell you I have ever sat in line for days waiting for a product launch because I don’t have the luxury of living in the US and our “quasi-Apple” stores in Honduras suck to say the least.  However, I can say 3 things with great pride:


First, that I have been an Apple fan since the Apple IIe, simply because that’s around the time I was born and have recollection.  We used to spend summers in San Francisco at my uncle’s house.  He worked for United Airlines and had a simple house but not without his Apple computer.  My fondest memories of summers in San Fran were programming those cheesy loops used to make hearts and faces on the screen by printing out characters in a certain order; and the other, playing Where in the World is Carmen San Diego!  God I loved that game.


Second, that i have been shunned for being an Apple user and I enjoyed it.  Although I used my first Apple at my uncle’s house in the 80’s, I didn’t buy my own first Apple MacBook Pro until 2000, just before entering my MBA program.  As a business school, it was all about pragmatism, and compatibility issues and out dated versions of software were all but damning because everyone made fun of me.  A professor joked about me having paid a Coke’s worth for “that ugly thing” as he put it and still gotten change in return.  He joked about how its resale value was zero and how Apple would die just like betamax, since it was one of the case studies we worked on.  I remember how in reviewing that case study we were told how when 2 competing technologies tried to dominate the market, the winner was the one that was able to surround itself with accessories which made it indispensable.  And 10 years later Steve Jobs went ahead and did just that!  Id like to meet that professor again and show him my shiny new 2011 MBA, a market breakthrough product, not a follower.


And third, that I love Apple products, am a fan-boy, love converting people, believe our products are a work of Art and would buy my milk from Apple if you had a Milk Division.  I can appreciate the customer attention to detail Apple has.  Its not really customer service because a service almost implies something that is paid for and in return, because of the commitment acquired by the employee, he provides that service.  I live in a country where even franchise-trained personnel doesn’t provide good customer service.  This is my life 360 days of the year.  Then all of a sudden I go to Miami and rush to an Apple Store, not always for a product, just for the experience.  I love walking into a place and have someone walk up to me and genuinely ask me if there is anything they can help me with.  Even if I didn’t have anything in mind before I walked in, I think of something, anything, just for the “feeling of satisfaction” I get when they solve a problem for me or recommend something that ends up making my life easier or what not.  That truly is priceless.


I love converting people because when I pick up my old iPhone 4 and show it to someone, I take off the banged up protective case in order to show the brand-new product still intact.  I remember I used to buy Ford trucks and people would ask me why I preferred them over Chevy.  My answer always came back: “Because of the quality of sound the door makes when you close it”.  It just tells you its a quality truck.  The same thing happens when you hold an iPhone or iPad or Mac or accessory…it just feels good.  I can feel the quality and appreciate the workmanship that went into creating that “device”.  Yet its not just a device, and I can tell because when I sell an old model to get a new one, the buyer gets his iPhone with the original plastic cover sticker still on the front and back, or white sheet of paper that comes with a macbook pro.  I do it because I want that new Apple user to become a fan boy by having the same experience I did when I got it new!


You know what, even if I never get a job at Apple, I would just like Steve Jobs to get this cover letter.  It would be enough satisfaction for me to know that he received this letter as a compliment and a big Thank You for how you have affected the life of this one customer and how grandly I think of Apple and its people.

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Social Media Underwater…

I love technology…and I love scuba diving…But have you ever thought about how unlucky underwater creatures are?  Or will be?

Certain dogs already have special collars that tweet or post their location to Facebook.  Im sure that eventually social media/web technology will evolve to include such animals into real world social gaming.  Many believe web technologies can soon connect humans to many kind of animals in air or on land…How unlucky are their underwater counterparts who simply could not, due to the fact that they live in an electrically conducive medium which automatically discards the possibility of them having electronics?

Then again, some electronics such as beacons (radio transmitters) are already used for biological studies which track these animal’s movements.  But those devices are quite expensive so even though they exist, the liquid medium simply makes it that much more expensive/difficult to bring these animals into our electronically interconnected web.

Furthermore, even if the electronic-device-underwater barrier were broken by cheaper devices or somehow incorporating these devices into the animal’s body, transmitting the internet’s signal underwater would be an even greater hurdle.  We humans simply don’t live in the ocean therefore it would be impractical to create “underwater hotspots” as cell towers, satellites and other re-transmitting devices do on land.  On land and in the air, birds, horses, elephants or geckos could perfectly take advantage of our existing infrastructure as a gateway into our internet.  But in the deep blue…?

I guess the best option would be to set up underwater terminals for tweeting or posting to Facebook where sea creatures could swim up to in order to interact with the rest of us.  That way we could jointly solve the water-proof electronics issue as well as the transmission issue.  The only thing left is to find out what whales, sharks, crabs, fish and seahorses would actually tweet about?  Find out here:

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myTechFootPrint:(background) Philosophical


If you’re a coder youll notice by the title of my post that I am! 🙂

Just DropBox-ed my 337MB folder and have some time to kill while it syncs…Unfortunately I took the leap while at my in-laws, who have a slow 2MB connection. This is precisely what this post is about…what is your tech footprint. What I mean is; although I might find myself waiting on a slow connection at the moment, I know better, have better and can do better, but I know im not the cream of the crop. So where do we really stand in today’s tech-life?

Ever stop to think, “Man, Ive really come a long way from when I first booted my Commodore 128 back in the 80’s! I wonder how much I know in comparison to my friends, schoolmates, coworkers or better yet, some guy in France or Japan or India or Brasil. I mean, what things do I do on my day to day life and how do I compare and more importantly, what can I learn from others?”

Quick background check: Studied Biochem, always fiddled with computers, program in asp, php, mysql, iOS, set up LAN networks, have an i4 and a mba-macbook air (plus I have an MBA from Incae-Business School).

So what do i do, what do i prefer and then I am open to suggestions:

LAPTOP – mba: I got my first mac in 1999, MBP g4. MS Compatibility was so-so back then and all the cool apps were available for mac in outdated versions. Got my mba in 2009 after years of PC-dependence and im finally able to sleep at night. To be honest, PC has caught up and they are pretty close to being the same now but I love calling 1800 MY APPLE and being able to talk to someone 🙂

Mobile – iPhone4: Its a toss up these days, what between Android and iOS. Notice thats where I draw the line because I consider RIM to be lagging considerable and Windows, well, they havent done much with their platform. I guess I have an iPhone because I happened to have an mba and I decided to program for them because of the AppStore appeal. Back before I had macs, from 1980-1999, i started programming in ASP because i already had Windows and could host the website on my own server for testing whereas setting up a linux box required a bit more knowledge. I dropped out of web programming right before PHP became huge. Otherwise I might have stayed with PCs and Id be on ASP.Net and programming for windows mobile OS.

Connection Speed – 2-4MB: In Honduras, cable companies sell 2MB. Most places with free wifi, which arent many, have 1MB or less 🙁 I have 2MB at home and 4MB at the office but my parents have a 10MB connection from ATT UVerse and I love visiting 🙂 On my mobile, I barely get 500K, Claro, the iPhone carrier, Sucks. But i use a prepaid SIM chip from the other carriers to sometimes surf at faster speeds (meaning 2MB).

Other Tech Hardware: I drive a company issue Isuzu Dmax pickup. I have no real passion for cars. I dont wear a watch, i think theyre useless. I have a BB because my wife and best friend have one…no other reason. I havent gotten an iPad yet cause im waiting for mac book airs to fuse with an iPad-like device. Otherwise I much appreciate the power of an A4 processor with full keyboard and the ability to run certain apps like MS Office which i need for work, Xcode, Dreamweaver and a few others.

Day-2-Day Software: Ive dumped Outlook/Entourage altogether. I hate their slow boot-up speeds, not to mention how they freeze up my machine syncing or archiving. I love gmail so i now forward my company’s domain email to my gmail. I love having everything on the cloud. So i tried Google Docs. I love having them on the cloud but hate remembering to use the online version. So you can understand why I loved DropBox…plus there is an i4 version that i use cause i love going to a bank and being asked for my ID where i just launch DropBox and show em my cloud ID 🙂

I use twitter (hootsuite and twitter on iOS and Twitter on Mac) and facebook (app for iOS and web interface on Safari). No other social network. Had foursquare for about 4 months and stopped using it, its no fun in Honduras and dangerous due to kindappings. Decided to come up with a social-networking-gamelike-iOS app that can be fun all over the world. Ill let u know when its ready 🙂 I use twitter to inform myself and facebook to inform others of what i think is important.  I use skype on my i4 and whats app to chat with BB users.

I still use powerpoint for my presentations at work because my directors like papers to look at and write on. I wish they’d agree to getting iPads so i could present digitally and save trees. Im big on conserving natural resources. I have solar panels and a solar water heater at home.

WaitingOn: I THINK I would love to have them come up with a device that could be small enough to carry as a credit card and have it project an on-air screen and keyboard. But I think they are having trouble getting the photons of light form a projector to stop at an equal distance for that to even be a prototype. Because I believe everyone will agree with me when i say i love the power of smartphones and tablets, but hate lugging them around.

I would love to be able to code for iOS on the web like many other cloud IDEs.  I go crazy at night when i wake up with a coding idea or a possible solution to a coding problem im caught up in and having to wait til i get to the office wherever my coding computer is at.

One of the most important things im waiting on is for one of my apps to get noticed so I can make some serious money and possibly start a US tech company.

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