It’s no secret Apple’s MBA is a great form factor; the thinnest computer ever with some nice muscle. Specially now with the i5 processor. The SSD/Optical-less wonder has convinced users that cloud computing is not only the future, but that it’s also actually feasible.

For years Mac OSX has been the most stable, user friendly commercial OS which has set the groundwork for the birth of iOS. Along comes iPhone and iPad and they convinced users that iOS is a powerful enough OS to power the future of computers.

Add to this mix a great combination of SSD-AlwaysOn, the virtually endless capacity of traditional HDD drives with a splash of the MBA form factor and you could end up with the computer of the future.

Im thinking the new secret product to be revealed by Apple this holiday season is the first successful combination of the two worlds Apple has mastered. We are talking about a computer with:

1) A SSD main OS drive that has a proven track record in the MacBook Air family as well as the famous iOS devices. Main Benefit: Always-On capability. Transalation = a computer that powers on instantly, much like an iOS device and which is actually always on so you are truly never disconnected.

2) A HDD large enough to store massive amounts of data should it be required, unless you embrace the concept of cloud computing in a pure form. Main Benefit: Large storage at cheaper prices. Translation = a computer available for the masses.

3) An OS that has been successfully merged OSX Lion-iOS which takes advantage of Always-On capabilities and the stability of OSX proven in the past which incorporates the user-friendliness of the ever popular iOS. Main Benefit: a computer that doesn’t crash. Translation = a reliable computer.

4) A new form factor that could very well be a cross between the iPad and the MBA. This could be the determining factor whether this will indeed become the future of personal computers or not. This is possibly where Apple has had the most trouble, specially with their recent delays due to the new iPad 3 screens. Main Benefit: a full-powered computer you can carry comfortably. Translation = the death of the pc as we know it!

Can you imagine picking up your iOS device and saying:

“[Computer Name]: UNLOCK: TRANSFER $1,500 Bank of America: PAY CREDITCARD XYZ. EMAIL CLIENT: SHIPMENT ETA: AUG 30th. iMessage WIFE: DINNER AT 8!”

This is possibly Steve Jobs last product launch and what a product it would be, one to herald in the new era of personal computing devices. I can hardly wait.

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  • Holy Crapoly! I didn’t know you had the gift of writing amongst your many other great qualities! ๐Ÿ™‚ I like your article! Very easy to understand, well structured, and best of all, for a fellow #Apple lover and evangelist (albeit a newbie), you got me incredibly excited about this new mysterious super product! I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds! And I agree, what a way for Steve to add the finishing touch to his already IMMENSE legacy for mankind!!!

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