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Static Libraries in iOS – Video Tutorial

Static Library for iOS by Marcio Valenzuela
Static Library for iOS

Libraries is another one of those rather obscure topics for newbie programmers, kinda like Blocks and Delegates/Protocols.  Think of libraries as just that, a resource you can use which doesn’t belong to you.  A loaner 🙂

NOTE: If you need a nice tutorial on Blocks or Delegates, check out:

Video Tutorial: Objective-C Blocks

Video Tutorial: Objective-C Protocols and Delegates

Ok back to our tutorial!  Well a library is a piece of code that you can use (by importing it into your projects) but its not yours, so you can’t really do what you want to that piece of code, except use its functionality.  In this tutorial we will create our own library and then import in into another project for its use.

The basic steps are:

1. Create your code. Usually Class method laden classes that create no state! Project must be CocoaTouch Library Framework.

2. Compile and create .a file.

3. Import that .a file into new projects.

In order to show you I prepared this small video:


For a more complete tutorial you can visit’s Creating a Static Library in iOS tutorial at:

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Google Glass & Android Series for Developers & Users

Google Glass & Android Series by Marcio Valenzuela
Google Glass & Android Series

So I’ve gotten a little carried away with the Glass-Android thing.  My posts are as disorganized as my thoughts, so I thought I’d organize my posts a bit.  Here is the set of posts for Android & Glass Development as of Feb 15th, 2014:

  1. Google Glass Review – Part 1 – 什么 (shen me = what = what Glass is & isn’t)
  2. Google Glass Review – Part 2 – Pros & Cons
  3. Develop apps for Google Glass – Part 3 – Setting up!
  4. Glass Development Mirror API – Part 4 – Where to start after setting up
  5. First Android App – Part 5
  6. First Android App – Part 6
  7. First Google Glass App – Part 7 – Bridge to Glass App GDK Development
  8. First Google Glass App – Part 8 – Hello Glass!

The first 2 parts are more of a Curious George couple of articles telling people what to expect from Glass.  Everyone asks me what they are.  I end up telling people “its just a pair of sunglasses” or “its a computer” and of course they are speechless and I walk away quickly before a long discussion ensues.

The next 2 parts are for developing web service apps for Glass.  Glass can work with web based apps which run on a server and interact with Glass |OR| Glass can have native apps installed into it which it can run on.

The last 4 parts starting with First Android App and finishing with First Google Glass App, is a set of posts for learning how to create native apps for Glass.

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