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Apple’s iOS7 and the future of development

Sure iOS7 brings a lot of technological advances. But more importantly, it sets a new precedent in the Software Development industry. Here are a reasons:

1). An Elite development team. Many people complain about Apple shutting out developers by not opening up. It’s funny because their code is open, you just have to be willing to pay. Where disgruntled programmers see disappointment, I see a company filtering an elite team of outsourced developers to keep pushing the envelope where only the savviest survive.

2). An evermore demanding market niche. I downloaded ios7 on Monday like most devs. The first thing I noticed was Skype crashing and Testflight failing to install. Only a few days later, Skype’s community forums are flooded with complaints pressing for the company to update their app to iOS7. This may not seem like much, after all it’s just a beta, right? Why did all those devs update ahead of time anyway! Don’t forget this group of devs is growing everyday and at the end of the day their pressure is real! Many people are also paying the $99 dev fee just to have access to the betas. So everyday Apple’s niche market is growing in size and influential pressure. I can’t wait for iOSX! They’ll be releasing pre-pre-alpha candidates!

3). Indies are dying! Apple doesn’t really want indies. The days of making a simple game that scored you millions is over. Apple had a hand in this of course. They deliberately raised AppStore standards. WWDC is an expensive event and all these factors combine so that Apple can have, as mentioned before, an elite team of 24/7 developers that pose no company liability as employees but are at the same time manageable via quality controls they define and who are filtered to result in incorporated LLCs which are, unlike their freelance counterparts, accountable ๐Ÿ™‚