Google Glass & Android Series by Marcio Valenzuela
Google Glass & Android Series

So I’ve gotten a little carried away with the Glass-Android thing.  My posts are as disorganized as my thoughts, so I thought I’d organize my posts a bit.  Here is the set of posts for Android & Glass Development as of Feb 15th, 2014:

  1. Google Glass & Android Series for Developers & Users
  2. Google Glass Review – Part 1 – 什么 (shen me = what = what Glass is & isn’t)
  3. Google Glass Review – Part 2 – Pros & Cons
  4. Develop apps for Google Glass – Part 3 – Setting up!
  5. Glass Development Mirror API – Part 4 – Where to start after setting up
  6. First Android App – Part 5
  7. First Android App – Part 6
  8. First Google Glass App – Part 7 – Bridge to Glass App GDK Development
  9. First Google Glass App – Part 8 – Hello Glass!

The first 2 parts are more of a Curious George couple of articles telling people what to expect from Glass.  Everyone asks me what they are.  I end up telling people “its just a pair of sunglasses” or “its a computer” and of course they are speechless and I walk away quickly before a long discussion ensues.

The next 2 parts are for developing web service apps for Glass.  Glass can work with web based apps which run on a server and interact with Glass |OR| Glass can have native apps installed into it which it can run on.

The last 4 parts starting with First Android App and finishing with First Google Glass App, is a set of posts for learning how to create native apps for Glass.

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