How Cocos2d taught me iOS
How Cocos2d taught me iOS

I started studying iOS in 2009, started studying Cocos2d in 2011.  I never understood how to do things in code for iOS.   It was all a big mystery to me.

What do you mean create a button programmatically and add it to the subview and position it and change its attributes?  I can just drag one from the Object Library onto the canvas and put it wherever I want and change its color etc…

After a year of using Cocos2d, I know cherish its teachings as I find myself trying to make an app which requires objects such as UIPageControl and UIScrollView and UIImageViews with UIImages.  In doing this you run into the situation of:

How do I position a view, or rather a bunch of UIImageViews that are not on the canvas but will be when the UIPageControl’s value changes!?


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