I’m not a coder by profession, I learned some asp with db apps creating websites.

Bought my first mac in 2000 but switched back due to lack of compatibility in the business world. Recently got my iPhone and MBA in 2009 and started learning objC and cocoa for iPhone in August.

Check out www.santiapps.com for more info.  Im about to upload code to my apps if you’re interested in them.

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  1. i came to this page using this link:-

    i wanted to know if u got solution to the problem:-
    marskoko said…
    when i reboot, i get the itunes connect logo and USB cable on my phone (recovery mode) so i cannot get this to work. Im trying to use snowbreeze to jb my 3gs on iOS4, mac sysprofiler USB says its 359.3 iBoot so it should the ok, the old bootrom, righT!?

    I mean did u got how to jailbreak the iphone 3gs running ios 4.0

    m having the same issue, and if u can help it will be great.

    Thanks in advance

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