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iOS 8 HealthKit Santiapps Marcio Valenzuela

Saving HealthKit Data & Closures

This code bit saves: healthKitStore.saveObject(bmiSample, withCompletion: { (success, error) -> Void in if( error != nil ) { println("Error saving ...
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Buttons and Potentiometers Santiapps

Arduino (IoT): Tutorial de Potenciómetros y Botones

Tutorial Pots & Botones Ya sabemos escribir electricidad a un pin.  Ahora vamos a aprender a leer la electricidad de un ...
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Data Communication Technologies Santiapps

Arduino Communication Technologies (Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS & WiFi)

Arduino Comm Technologies Im using a Sim900 module I got from SainSmart. It basically looks like this: Its important to ...
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Voice Recognition Technology Santiapps

Arduino (IoT): Simple Tutorial Reconocimiento de Voz (Geeetech)

Tutorial Reconocimiento de Voz - Geetech Otro módulo de reconocimiento de voz por Requisitos: Computadora (mac) Arduino MEGA (u ...
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Sim900 Debugging Testing Module Arduino Santiapps

Web Client to post/get data to web with Arduino via SIM900 module

This is actually my work log on Arduino & SIM900 GSM/GPRS module. I'm starting off from here: But Im ...
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