HealthKit for iOS8: Part 3

Great!  Now let’s move on to the Journal View Controller.  It’ll be a good relax! 🙂 Ok we start out importing the frameworks we need: import UIKit import HealthKit Ok now let’s declare our class properties: class JournalViewController: UITableViewController {     let JournalViewControllerTableViewCellReuseIdentifier: NSString = “Cell”     var foodItems: NSMutableArray?     var energyFormatter: NSEnergyFormatter {         var energyFormatter: NSEnergyFormatter?         var onceToken: dispatch_once_t = 0         dispatch_once(&onceToken, {             energyFormatter = NSEnergyFormatter()             energyFormatter?.unitStyle = NSFormattingUnitStyle.Long             energyFormatter?.forFoodEnergyUse = true      … Read More

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