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Social Media Underwater…

I love technology…and I love scuba diving…But have you ever thought about how unlucky underwater creatures are?  Or will be?

Certain dogs already have special collars that tweet or post their location to Facebook.  Im sure that eventually social media/web technology will evolve to include such animals into real world social gaming.  Many believe web technologies can soon connect humans to many kind of animals in air or on land…How unlucky are their underwater counterparts who simply could not, due to the fact that they live in an electrically conducive medium which automatically discards the possibility of them having electronics?

Then again, some electronics such as beacons (radio transmitters) are already used for biological studies which track these animal’s movements.  But those devices are quite expensive so even though they exist, the liquid medium simply makes it that much more expensive/difficult to bring these animals into our electronically interconnected web.

Furthermore, even if the electronic-device-underwater barrier were broken by cheaper devices or somehow incorporating these devices into the animal’s body, transmitting the internet’s signal underwater would be an even greater hurdle.  We humans simply don’t live in the ocean therefore it would be impractical to create “underwater hotspots” as cell towers, satellites and other re-transmitting devices do on land.  On land and in the air, birds, horses, elephants or geckos could perfectly take advantage of our existing infrastructure as a gateway into our internet.  But in the deep blue…?

I guess the best option would be to set up underwater terminals for tweeting or posting to Facebook where sea creatures could swim up to in order to interact with the rest of us.  That way we could jointly solve the water-proof electronics issue as well as the transmission issue.  The only thing left is to find out what whales, sharks, crabs, fish and seahorses would actually tweet about?  Find out here:

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Twitter, Facebook & Google Plus Integration


Twitter allows you to update your Twitter timeline by sending an email to a secret address. So go to and sign-in with your Twitter account credentials.

In the Twittermail tab, find a button to setup your Twittermail account. Now simply, press the button “Set up your twittermail account now”.

In this Twitter setup page there is a unique email address which has been assigned to you to send the updates.

Now, when you wish to share a post in Twitter from your Google plus profile, just add that email address in the visibility box along with other circle(s) and share the post as usual.

To avoid having to type that email address every time, create a circle and add that secret Twittermail address to that circle. Voila!


Ditto except go to to get your facebook email address!

For chrome users, just install the extension for your browser and you automatically get fb and twitter buttons in g+ to share your post with!

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