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I’ve used the SE p800, p900, p910 and p1…true they could do most of the same things way be4 2g iPhone, but the iPhone does it much better…trust me, try one!

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Social Media: One of the greatest contributions from technology to humanity

HOW SOCIAL MEDIA WILL BRIDGE THE RICH-POOR DIVIDE: Well I think Haiti is the perfect example of that! It raised over $21 million dollars and more importantly it raised awareness! This awareness came in the form of jobs for Haitians affected by the quake. Tech companies created jobs for them in tech-camps. I believe social media will raise awareness of what really goes on in developing countries of those in developed countries. It’ll take power away from corrupt politicians and the tradtional media companies they manipulate (CNN and Fox; La Prensa and Tiempo…) and put it in the hands of large social action groups who will expose the truth to american people, Canadian people, german people etc…, who will in turn act directly to bring aid to those who need it directly. Probably via priate enterprise the likes of Google, Microsoft, Digicel, who will think twice before betraying their clients’ trust which means profits for them because of customer loyalty (unlike govnts who only think about customer loyalty once every 4 years)

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iLuvMe: The Perfect Gift for that Special Someone ;)

This is a nice little app, perfect for your girlfriend or wife or special someone.  You create a file online based on your special memoirs and love messages.  Then you download the app to your iphone and use it to download the file to your girlfriends iPhone.  Thats it!  All your special memories at the touch of her fingertip.  Its perfect for us guys who struggle to get a gift that has real romantic potential.  This will really impress her and it’ll say I Love You like no other gift.  Be the thoughtful one, be truly caring and loving.  She’ll never forget this.  Check out the reviews at AiAR and check out the web page at

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