Presence3:NSThread & NSOperation

Im looking through Presence3, understand the LetsMakeAThread project, its pretty straight forward, detachNewThread creates a separate thread and performSelectorOnMainThread returns you to the MT, but in ThreadedFlickrTableView, whats the deal? beginLoadingFlickrData calls a new invocation operation, which loads synchronousLoadFlickrData: which gets the data from Flickr and returns to MT via didFinishLoadingFlickrDataWithResults: which in turn creates the arrays from the FlickrData. Then cachedImageForURL gets called from the cellForRowAtIndexPath?  And so that same method calls the ImageLoadingOperation which then returns to the main thread via didFinishLoadingImageWithResult:? Is this chronology correct?  The MT gets separated or stopped 2x in this app? Once in beginLoadingFlickrData and then in cachedImageForURL?  The difference being that in… Read More

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